6 Red Flags to Avoid When Dating Filipino Women

Realistically, there’s no such thing as the perfect relationship, even if you were with one of the most desirable partners in the world — Filipino women. When you’re dating someone, there will always be ups and downs. However, the success of your relationship depends on your attitude towards each other and the relationship itself.

For a relationship to work out, it must be watered with love and trust. When there are difficulties along the way, it’s vital to work through it hand in hand. In line with this, there are aspects that one must avoid that may cause the downfall of your relationship with a Pinay.

To help with this, listed below are the red flags to avoid for a successful relationship with your Pinay girlfriend:

1.Having the I-Me-Mine mindset

Getting involved with Filipino women or any woman should be a give-and-take type of relationship. Exerting extra effort in making her feel special is likely to give your Pinay girlfriend the idea to do the same for you. One must realize that in your union, it’s about the both of you — not just your goals, your opinions, and your feelings.

Marrying a Filipina entails leaving behind the what’s-mine-is-mine attitude, in favor of a more open and considerate mentality. In the Philippine marriage culture, becoming husband and wife is about uniting two souls as they become one, along with the future family they’ll build together.

2. Jealousy

All relationships require trust and for these ladies, it’s directly related to loyalty. A Pinay when in love, will usually give all her trust and support to you. These ladies were raised traditionally and for them, they prefer to settle down with one partner for the rest of their lives.

Filipinos take relationships seriously, so when your Filipina girlfriend starts to become jealous, there is likely a good reason for it. When this happens, it’s important to determine its cause and coming to agreement on how best to resolve any issues. Communicating openly will help with this, as dealing with jealousy at an early stage will prevent it from growing into resentment and distrust later on in your relationship.

3. Being too overbearing

Philippine women are known for being agreeable and easygoing because they prefer to live peacefully with others. They are always respectful of their fathers, brothers, and husbands. Due to this, some may take advantage of their amenable attitude for their own interests without considering their opinions or feelings.

As her partner, it’s important that you avoid being too overbearing. While she may listen to you, respect your decisions, and treat you as her equal, it’s only fair that you do the same. The same level of respect she gives you must be reciprocated for your relationship to work.

4. The language barrier
Filipinos are considered to be one of the best communicators in the world. They’re known for being fluent in English and it’s innate in them to be curious of foreign cultures and languages. However, there can be instances that the language barrier can hamper communication between the two of you.

When you notice that it’s beginning to take a toll on your relationship, it’s best to learn how to deal with it. Listen to her more and try to read between the lines by observing her body language as well. Also, learning more about her culture will greatly help in having more understanding with how she acts and speaks.

5. Being deceitful

When your Pinay girlfriend begins to trust you, it’s a huge accomplishment. Earning a Filipina’s trust is often challenging, but highly rewarding in the end. There have been numerous relationships and marriages that ended due to lies and deceit.

Often times, deceitful relationships begin with a simple, harmful lie. When the seed is planted however, it tends to blossom and branch out into more complex lies. Realizing this too late will bring down a relationship — often times irreversibly. If you’ve been telling white lies here and there, make sure you put a stop to it before you fall in too deep.

6. Focusing too much in each other’s faults

One of the most toxic things to do in a relationship is finding and focusing on each other’s faults. If either one of you has wronged each other in the past, it’s best to forgive and learn from it in order to move forward. Dwelling on past mistakes and hurt can consume the both of you.

When there are arguments, avoid bringing up past quarrels and mistakes because this builds resentment. The best thing to do is to resolve these issues by addressing it directly and properly. In doing so, forgiveness can be possible so that you can both move on.

There are many factors as to why relationships and marriages don’t pan out and those listed above are just some of them. To be successful, always keep these red flags in mind. As partners, working hand in hand is the key to overcoming hurdles.

A healthy relationship with a Pinay is one that is marked by growth not only as a partner, but as a person as well. If you’re looking to find true love in the Philippines, consider enlisting the best Philippine dating agency today.

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