Understanding Filipino Women Quirks

Sometimes it’s the small details that make us fall in love with someone. Filipino women have a certain allure about them, and sometimes it’s not quite easy to point out. What makes them adorable and charming yet so vulnerable and down to earth? Once you start dating and spending time with a Filipino woman, that’s when you will noticeContinue reading “Understanding Filipino Women Quirks”

Why Age Gap Isn’t Important for Cebuanas

Why Age Gap Isn’t Important for Cebuanas It wasn’t that long ago that couples having a substantial age gap was frowned upon in Philippine society. However, in the current Philippine dating scene (particularly in Cebu’s dating scene) Filipina-foreigner couples with a considerable age difference have slowly become the norm. In fact, for many older, foreignContinue reading “Why Age Gap Isn’t Important for Cebuanas”

Cebuanas and What Their Body Language Say

  In the early stages of dating, it’s normal to feel anxious about how your date feels about you. You certainly can’t help but wonder whether she’s into you or not. Most women from Western countries are more straightforward about how they feel, but in contrary, Asian women, particularly Cebuanas are far more subtle inContinue reading “Cebuanas and What Their Body Language Say”

6 Red Flags to Avoid When Dating Filipino Women

Realistically, there’s no such thing as the perfect relationship, even if you were with one of the most desirable partners in the world — Filipino women. When you’re dating someone, there will always be ups and downs. However, the success of your relationship depends on your attitude towards each other and the relationship itself. ForContinue reading “6 Red Flags to Avoid When Dating Filipino Women”

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